Potosi Police Had Drugs Surrendered During Stop

October 15, 2020

Potosi Police Chief Mike Gum reported that during a traffic stop on Sunday, Oct. 11th the driver volunteered that there were drugs in the vehicle.

Chief Gum said, “The driver was pulled over and then asked for consent to search. He said yes, and when asked by the officer ‘What is this?’ the subject said Ecstasy.”

The search received other drugs and associated items and an arrest was made.

Potosi Police photographed the ‘drugs’ surrendered and Chief Gum expressed his concern over the appearance. “The tablets look like possibly candy or vitamins, for children. This is what really caught us, and especially as we approach Halloween and there is a lot of candy around for kids,” said Gum.

“We put out a notice on social media and it has really gotten a lot of attention,” Chief Gum said. “St. Louis television has reported on the story and we want people to be aware of the possibility.”

Chief continued, “We have to get the items tested to verify, but when an individual volunteers that they are drugs you have to start that way.”

He concluded by saying, “This really should get people’s attention, and right now, with Halloween coming up, I hope parents think about where their kids are going and what they are getting while Trick or Treating.”

Gum wanted to remind the public to always inspect treats that children receive and use caution this Halloween.

The community is reminded to leave lights on if they want ghosts and goblins to stop by for treats. If not, please turn lights off.

Chief Gum said, “We want the kids to have fun, safe fun and it takes the grown-ups help to make that happen. Please use caution while driving and out on the streets.”