Saturday Night! Potosi’s Halloween Celebration Oct. 31st

October 15, 2020

Potosi Police Chief Mike Gum has announced that the local annual Halloween celebration will go back to tradition and be held on Saturday, October 31st. Halloween will be celebrated between the hours of 5 and 8 P.M.

It is suggested that the youngster’s not eat their treats on the street, but rather wait until they get home and have their parents look the items over.

They should only go to homes of people they know and have their porch lights on for treaters.

Chief Gum said he will have a full crew of officers on duty to handle the influx of “Trick or Treaters.”

In line with the celebration of All Hallows Eve. Chief Gum has announced the following guidelines for 2020:

1. Dress children in bright colored clothes and have them carry a flashlight.

2. Do not take children from house to house by automobiles.

3. Children should Trick or Treat within a 6 block vicinity of their own place of residence.

4. Persons desiring to participate in treating should leave their porch light on. Children should only go to houses where the porch light is on.

5. Age is limited to 14 years and under.

6. Smaller children should be accompanied by an adult.

7. Cross streets only at intersections. Darting from between cars at midstreet is very dangerous.

The above Halloween rules and regulations were announced this week by Potosi Police Chief Mike Gum and will be enforced by the entire Police Department who will patrol the City’s streets that evening.

Residents are reminded to drive with extra care during the trick or treat hours for a safe and happy celebration of the event.

Chief Gum also noted that Potosi Ordinance No. 458 prohibits defacing or injury of the private property of another and prohibits littering of any kind within the City Limits. T-ping of homes, shrubbery, etc. egg throwing, spray painting, throwing of hedgeapples and the like are violations of this ordinance and anyone caught will be charged accordingly and summoned to appear in Municipal Court. Water balloons are also being discouraged as their use previously resulted in breakage of some auto windshields.

The community is sure the “Trick or Treating” could be much more enjoyable if these rules are strictly adhered to.