January 13, 2021

The Valley Vikings, Potosi Trojans and the Kingston Cougars are all planning Basketball Homecoming celebrations at their schools.

The traditional fanfare may be different this year with health concerns still at the forefront of planning.

The Valley Vikings at Caledonia have planned their festivities for this Friday, January 15th. The school has set their Coronation ceremony for 5 p.m., to be held prior to the basketball games. The Homecoming Royalty will be announced for Vikings first, with tickets being required for admission to the games. Tickets are being distributed to student athletes for family and friends.

Both the Potosi Trojans and the Kingston Cougars have scheduled their Homecoming celebrations for Friday, January 29th, 2021.

The schools are working on plans at this time and will be announcing the requirements for attendance - tickets, schedule, etc.

Potosi R-3 Superintendent Alex McCaul said he thought the format would stay very similar with a limit on the number of people who may be able to attend in person. The School Board was to meet after ‘press time’ to decide on the plan for the Trojans.