Filings Began Tuesday For Spring Elections Municipalities & Boards

December 17, 2020

The Washington County Clerk has announced that filings are now being taking for several Board seats and offices that serve Washington County and its municipalities.

Filings for Election began on Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 2020 and continue through Tuesday, January 19th, 2021. Seats open for election include several fire districts, water districts, as well as city aldermen and a variety of board positions.

The County Health Department has three seats to be elected, the Hospital a single position, the Ambulance District will fill two seats, Water District #4 has two openings, Water District #2 has five open seats, Springtown Water has two openings.

The Village of Caledonia has three positions, the City of Potosi has two aldermen seats, the Village of Mineral point has two board positions, the City of Irondale has two aldermen seats and the mayor’s position.

All school districts have elections coming up in April, 2021.

Fire protection districts also have elections, with a variety of openings depending on the district.