August 11, 2023

New student bathrooms, with openings into the high school commons, are being constructed and will be ready for the start of school. This is the first remodel for Kingston High School since it opened in 1996. LEFT: A Brockmiller Construction crew was taking measurements in the new girls bathroom (Friday, August 4th). RIGHT: The boys bathroom is ready for fixtures and floor finishing. CENTER: A photo of how the bathrooms open into the commons. The two openings on the right are the bathrooms. The opening with a worker walking is the hallway into D Building classrooms. In the new construction area, a modernized nurse's office and bathroom are being finished in time for the new school year. Four new spaces have been constructed, including a wide inside hallway to D Building so students stay safely inside when traveling to classes. In the past, students were exposed to weather elements and a possible intruder threat. Not shown is the nurse's office enclosed by the left wall of the new hallway.  (School Photos)