County & Municipalities – Propose 3% Marijuana Sales Tax At Spring’s Municipal Election

January 25, 2023

The Washington County Commission, City of Potosi and Village of Caledonia have all put a ‘Sales Tax’ question on their ballots for the residents of the respective jurisdictions to vote on at the Spring Municipal Election to be held Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

The ballot question reads similarly for the City of Potosi and Village of Caledonia, asking if the jurisdiction shall impose a 3% sales tax on the sale of adult use marijuana.

Washington County’s ballot has the same 3% sales tax rate but a “purpose” was added to the ballot question, which reads in part “...supporting the Washington County Sheriff’s Department”.

Qualified voters will get to express their opinion on the question at the Tuesday, April 4th election. The County’s question will be listed as “Proposition 3”, whereas both the City of Potosi and Village of Caledonia titled their question as ‘Question 1’.

With the passage of ‘Amendment 3’ in the General Election last November (now Article XIV, Section 2.6.(5)), local governments are moving forward to collect taxes on marijuana sold. All three governmental entities did their due diligence and submitted their Propositions for the ballot per Missouri Constitutional guidelines and all notified the Election Authority of Washington County by the Tuesday, January 24th deadline.

Remember to vote Tues., April 4th.