January 25, 2023

Washington County Budget Officer/County Clerk Jeanette Allen and the County Commissioners have announced the annual County Budget Hearing for the 2023 Budget will be held starting 9 A.M. Monday, January 30th in the County Commission Chambers, Washington County Courthouse, Potosi.

The County Commission hopes the public will attend. The Commissioners said they would welcome public comment and interest in the Budget and invite and encourage everyone interested to be in attendance and voice their opinions. Mrs. Allen noted that a tentative County Budget will be available in her office for the public to view prior to the hearing. Copies will not be available until approved following the public hearing, as the budget is only in tentative form.

No County business can be conducted until the Budget is complete, a public hearing held and a copy of the finalized budget is filed with (and acknowledgement received from) the State Auditor’s Office, expected to be completed in time to pay the first salary bills and accounts payable by February 2nd.