Potosi R-3 School District Now Has Certified School Safety Specialist

December 15, 2022

Officer Aaron Harvey of the Potosi R-3 School District has received certification as a School Safety Specialist. Officer Harvey participated in the recent School Safety Academy sponsored by Missouri School Boards’ Association’s Center for Education Safety. The event was held in August, 2022, in Jefferson City and was designed to train and certify school safety coordinators. School safety personnel from 45 school districts throughout the state attended the Academy at no cost to local school districts.

“It’s essential that students, teaches and staff are in a safe learning environment,” Center for Education Safety Director Amy Roderick said. “Schools must have processes and protocols in place and then have their staff trained to implement the practices and policies to ensure our students feel safe at school so they can focus on learning,” she added.

Topics at the School Safety Academy included support systems for behaviors, legal aspects of school safety, trauma-informed and mental health resources, intervention and de-escalation, emergency preparedness and plan building, behavioral risk and threat assessments, and cyber security fundamentals.

Superintendent Alex McCaul expressed his support and appreciation for Officer Harvey’s participation in the program in Jefferson City.

The CES School Safety Academy includes the basic training needed to certify school safety coordinators with plans to expand to more advanced training and certification as the program builds and expands over the coming years.