October 27, 2022
Show Me Rally Show Me Rally

The Show-Me Rally is in need of volunteers for their event Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th. The event is a race of timed “stages” on the roads throughout Washington County. The event is in need of helpers to assist with the following jobs:

- Course Marshal – Will be monitoring a driveway or intersection to ensure that vehicles or persons don’t enter a live stage road.

- Spectator Marshal – Will be positioned at an official spectator area and will help with parking and crowd control, ensuring the crowd is safe at all times.

- Start/Finish workers – Will work at a start of finish line checking cars in & out and starting the cars and recording start/finish times.

- Ham Radio Operators – Licensed ham radio operators are utilized for full event communications to ensure the event is running smoothly and safely.
- Medical – Credentialed medical workers are needed at Start lines, in the service area, and at spectator areas to attend to or assess any medical conditions should a medical emergency occur.

For the Marshal or Start/Finish workers, no experience or prior knowledge is required. The medical positions are always difficult to fill, so if you or someone you know has medical credentials and can help, the help would be greatly appreciated.

Volunteers don’t have to work both days, but a full day commitment is necessary. You will be outside, and the event goes on regardless of weather, so please prepare for weather appropriately.

For more information and registration for working, visit their website at Or you may e-mail with questions.