The Wonders of Washcomo Interactive Exhibition Open

June 24, 2022

Sonder Studio, Xanthia McCaul, is featuring local history, little know facts and interactive displays for visitors of all ages.

The ‘pop up’ museum is located on High Street, as many locals recognize as ‘in the dip’ at 202 E. High Street. The historic building was a store with several owners including Block, Bugg and Towle.

Saturday, June 18th kicked off the project with a wide variety of artifacts and facts that Ms. McCaul has put together for the public to enjoy.

The collection represents several private collections from around the area and includes some ‘first ever’ viewing for the general public.

The Studio is the home for the history and art display for the next three weeks. The exhibition began this past Saturday, June 18th with the Moses Austin Heritage Festival.

Watch for more details (ad on 7A), find the studio on social media, but, better yet, be sure to stop by the old store location and see what the local history and art has to offer!