Trojans Cross Country Girls & Boys 2021 High School Trojans

September 22, 2021

The Potosi High School Cross Country Team has had a busy season so far with three 2-mile races and two 3.1 mile races. 

They have raced at Jackson, Arnold, Arcadia Valley, MAC, and one at Potosi. 

The main season got underway at the Arcadia Valley 5K September 11th.  There were 44 schools represented.  Not all had a full team, but it was a huge meet with lots of competition.  Top 5 Girl Teams were 1st Farmington, 2nd Jackson, 3rd Potosi, 4th Herky, 5th Cape Central. Top 5 Boy Teams 1st Jackson, 2nd Herky, 3rd Farmington, 4th Potosi, 5th Fox. Medalists for JV Boys were Alex Smith 3rd, Jacob Lewis 14th, David DeClue 19th, and Kolbey Heeter 24th.  Varsity Boy Medalist were Zeke Sisk 14th, Garrett Hale 23rd, and Andy Cain 25th.  Varsity Girl Medalist were Alyson Skiles 9th, Celeste Sansegraw 24th, and Allie Land 26th. 

September 18th the team traveled to MAC for the Bismarck Invitational. This was another big meet with a strong Potosi showing.  Top 3 Girl Teams were 1st Van Buren 52pts, 2nd Potosi 55pts, 3rd Herky 70pts.  Top 3 Boy Teams were 1st Potosi 72 pts, 2nd Herky 88 pts, 3rd Arcadia Valley 124pts.  Medalist for JV Girls and Boys were Carlee Moss 3rd, Alex Smith 3rd, David DeClue 4th, and Jacob Lewis 9th. Varsity Girl Medalist were Alyson Skiles 3rd, Celeste Sansegraw 9th, Allie Land 14th, Kaydence Gibson 22nd, and Addie Sansegraw 29th.  Varsity Boy Medalist were Zeke Sisk 2nd, Andy Cain 11th, Garrett Hale 17th, Jaden Kanan 19th, Tanner Gibson 23rd, Colton Politte 25th, and Connor Gibson 27th. 

Next up for the Trojans was the Van Buren Scenic River Run in Big Spring Park September 22nd.