Covid Update, Resources Reference & Recommendations by W.C.H.D.

January 06, 2022

The Washington County Health Department continues to recommend vaccination as one of the best weapons to fight Covid. The majority of people who are vaccinated do not become positive with Covid, and those who do, usually do not fall seriously ill.

There are exceptions, but for the majority of people, this vaccine works.

The Washington County Health Department continues to give both Pfizer and Moderna, Monday thru Friday. The vaccine is also available at the Washington County Memorial Hospital health clinics and Great Mines Health Center. Many pharmacies are equipped to give the vaccine as well.

If you are unable to make it to a vaccination site, many times the Washington County Ambulance District can schedule a home visit and bring the vaccine to you.

Some agencies may bill your insurance for an injection fee or office visit, but you should never be charged out of pocket for the vaccine itself.

As sickness and deaths continue to rise in Washington County, we hope you will consider the vaccine. If you have had the vaccine and it has been 6 months, consider a booster dose.

 Please stay home if you are ill. Take precautions and practice good hygiene. Even if you feel okay, and are generally healthy, if you go out while contagious, you are putting others at risk.

 This is an ever-changing situation with testing challenges and resource shortages. It can be frustrating and even scary. Please don’t hesitate to call your healthcare provider or one of the nurses at the Washington County Health Department if you have questions or need help finding vaccine or treatment. Washington County Health Department, 520 Purcell Drive, Potosi, Mo.; 573-438-2164.

The resources and recommendations form that follows is the most up to date available to the Washington County Health Department.